The harvest is carried out in October for grazing, that is directly from the trees through combs.

The olives, freshly harvested, are immediately transported to the mill by small boxes to respect their integrity.


In the oil mill the olives are cold-pressed (<27 ° C). The oil thus obtained is naturally decanted and bottled unfiltered to make our customers taste the scent and taste of an oil as freshly purchased in the mill.


Our oil is obtained mainly from autochthonous cultivars from Cerasuola and Biancolilla, taking advantage of each of them the best characteristics and obtaining the best of their combination by combining them in a blend. The spicy and bitter characteristics conferred by the Cerasuola cultivar blend perfectly with the delicate and floral characters of Biancolilla, allowing us to offer you a well-balanced oil suitable to enhance the flavors of any dish you want to prepare, from fresh appetizers to salads, from dishes based on fish to those based on white and red meat.